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The Latest from Me! (No photos, Just Words.) xx

Hi Mummas! 
I have been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while and the reason for my absence has finally arrived - my nursing registration! It has been a long journey for me going through full-time school while juggling my wife and mum responsibilities. I am happy that the anticipation and anxiety of waiting has finally ended.
I never knew that I would learn a lot from that quick journey. I never even thought I would write a blog post about it. But I realised the necessity of putting my journey into words since it is a real chronicle of a my journey coping with the significant changes in my life.
Finishing my nursing course and gaining registration made me look back on our first year here and how far we've come since then.
If you remember, we came to Australia only 2 years ago. We are a skilled immigrant family of healthcare professionals. And although we are internationally registered, we need to go back to school here in Australia to bridge the gaps in practice we had from ou…

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