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Check out the Latest and Hippest Chips from Cobs!!!

Have you tasted the newest line of snacks from Cobs popcorn?
The JWW household has recently been sent some samples of Cobs Hip Chips, Cobs Natural Popcorn, in Smokey BBQ flavour, and the Cobs Naked Corn Chips and I would honestly say they are just the most awesome chip discovery I have had this past month!
What I love about these line of snacks from Cobs is that they are all 100% Aussie-made,  gluten-free, made of natural products, and made with less oil!

My personal fave is the Cobs Naked Corn Chips in "The Big Cheese" because it is super cheesy and made with Corn, Quinoa, Chia seeds, and Sorghum! It is so yummy I have completely forgotten it is nasties-free!

If you're looking for wilder and more tangy flavours, then the Hip Chips and Natural Popcorn product ranges are for you!

We were sent the Natural Popcorn in Smokey Barbecue flavour. This product is gluten free and made of all-natural ingredients. It is also vegan friendly and created without any artificial flavours, col…

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